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Fully Alive. Learning to Flourish--Mind, Body & Spirit. In this eye-opening book, Susie Larson shows how intertwined our emotional, spiritual, and physical health .
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Energy Healing Dr. Rav has been practicing energy healing since , and became a certified Healing Touch practitioner in Katie Wells, Dr. Optimal Health The primary objective of the practice of Fully Alive Medicine is the experience of optimal health and happiness. In the book I guide the reader in the appropriate use of this remarkable medicine for treating twenty of the most common chronic pain conditions — both physical and emotional pain. If the heart and the head never connect, our spiritual life stops. Our hearts are choked by the busyness of our minds.

Our minds are overrun by an onslaught of heart-stopping thoughts.


To purely intellectualize life is to die. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge causes spiritual heart attacks. The symptoms of a spiritual heart attack are devastating.

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We stop dreaming. We stop praying.

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We stop believing. We stop hoping. And we stop loving. Instead of embracing life, we analyze it. Instead of pursuing our dreams, we settle for something tolerable and predictable. Instead of searching out our destiny, we choose boredom because it simply makes more sense.

Sadly, most of us have grown up and given up. The life we were created for has died because somewhere along the way, we quit living and settled for the common life. For some, it happened instantaneously in a traumatic event — abuse, addiction, molestation, or abandonment.

For others, it happened over time. It was slow, almost painless. Compliancy set in like concrete. God designed you to live from your heart.

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You were created to manifest His glory on the earth and uniquely made for this moment in time. Hard-wired from the factory of heaven, you were meant to shine. Why would God create the heart to be so tender and yet allow it to be exposed to such an intense variety of life experiences? Without joy and sorrow, peace and turmoil, happiness and despair, you cannot fully appreciate any one experience.

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For a life to be fully lived it must be experienced in every extreme. The extent to which we are capable of experiencing great disappointment and pain is also the extent to which we have the capacity to experience the greatest joy. God wired us to be fully alive and our hearts require full exposure for real, authentic life to flow. While we would never choose the extreme moments, they are part of the plan of God.

Your past, dreams, wounds, desires, disappointments, mistakes and abuses are integral parts of your heart. Your heart is the wellspring of life. All your experiences are the things that have made you, you. Nothing in your heart has stunned God or caught Him off guard.

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